Building with Ads

The delivery of FT Adverts is facilitated by a range of libraries, APIs and third party products:


Google Ad Manager) is our primary ad server. It is used to traffic and orchestrate which ads get served where and to whom. It is primarily managed by the AdOps team. Within Ad Manager, adverts are referred to as ‘creatives’ or ‘line items’ and have respective ids, which are useful for debugging.

o-ads & GPT

o-ads is an Origami component that provides the client-side integration with our ad server, by interfacing with GPT (Google Publisher Tag), which builds ad requests for you and includes specific details such as ad sizing or targeting. For some cases, this might be all you need to get up and running with ads.

Ads API & Admantx

The Ads API is an attempt to centralise and standardise how we get data for advert targeting. It provides key/values that you can pass to Admantx (contextual targeting) through o-ads to be able to target an FT User or context (article or concept).