Setting up the Ad Unit

1. How is the Ad Unit retrieved by oAds and nAds?

1.1. oAds

If config.usePageZone is set to true, oAds will retrieve the DFP ad unit from the Ads API response. In the Ads API response, the DFP ad unit is specified as a 2-elements array datapoint called dfp.adUnit. These 2 dfp.adUnit values are concatenate and used as, as follows. = responseObj.dfp.adUnit.join('/');

When config.usePageZone is set to false, then oAds will ignore the DFP ad unit returned by the Ads API. In this case the ad unit site/zone can be specified either declaratively or programmatically using one of the following methods.

1.1.1. Declaratively

Set the slot’s attribute data-o-ads-gpt-unit-name.

1.1.2. Programmatically

Set option gpt.unitName. e.g.,

        gpt: {
            unitName: "5887/",

Or, set options and e.g.,

        gpt: {
            network: “5887”,
            site: “”,
            zone: "money",

1.1.3. References

1.2. nAds

nAds is only used for Financial Times apps, so it always uses the page zone provided by the Ads API. The network datapoint is already populated accordingly.

1.2.1. Programmatically

Set options.dpf_site and options.dfp_zone. e.g.,

        options: {
            site: "",
            zone: "money",

1.2.2. References

2. How is the Ad Unit calculated by the Ads API?

An AdUnit is a couplet of values [site, zone] and it is derived from data coming from 2 sources: DFP mappings and Facet Tags.

2.1. DFP Mappings

Ads API retrieves DFP mappings from the Bertha server The Bertha server returns a list of records. Every record is identified by a concept ID and contains a name, site, zone as follows.

e.g., a record from DFP mapping

    "id": "37b1e62e-93ff-4991-aa83-c1ec974d4802", // concept ID
    "name": "Capital Markets",
    "site": "markets",
    "zone": ""

2.2. Facet Tags

Ads API also retrieves Facet Tags from the Facets API The Facets API returns a list of records like this.

E.g., a record from the Facet API response { “count”: 484, “id”: “0667615f-499e-4fa6-8130-f3430450228d”, “url”: “”, “prefLabel”: “US trade”, “directType”: “” },

2.3. How the Ad Unit is calculated

An AdUnit is a couplet of values [site, zone] and it is calculated as follows.

  1. Search the DFP mappings – retrieved from Bertha server - by Concept ID. If found, get the site and zone.

  2. Get the IDs of the Facets Tags – previously retrieved from the Facets API - whose derivedType - i.e., the last word from the directType URL - is different from Genre. Look for each of these values into the DFP mappings list. Stop when one is found with both site and zone.