Checking ad calls

You can inspect that an ad call is being made by looking at the Network tab (or Charles). An ad call looks something like this:

Some useful URL parameters in the ad call:

  • cust_params - custom targeting key/values passed by o-ads
  • scp - slot specific targeting key/values defined on the slot
  • iu - ad unit
  • sz - all the eligible sizes for this slot

Along with the creative HTML, the response also contains some useful metadata:

  • _width_
  • _height_
  • _empty_
  • _use_safe_frame_ - Read about Safe Frames
  • _creative_ids_
  • _adgroup2_ids_ - this is the ID for the Line Item


If you have the o-ads instance exposed on the window object, you could type something like: oAds.debug() or Origami['o-ads'].debug() (if using the Build Service).

This provides a table of details about the config and targeting, as well as information on the creatives that have been loaded (such as creative id or line item id).

Google GPT Console

You can append ?googfc to the URL and this will bring up Google’s debugging tool, which provides additional details for each Ad Slot.